The Lahti Poetry Marathon


International poem and poetry video competition “Fine Crazy Finland?”


Lahti Runomaraton Association has launched a new international poem and poetry video competition. The competition is part of our program for Finland´s 100th anniversary. The competition is open for everyone and it can be participated by private persons or working groups. 

The competition has two categories; a Junior-series for children under 16 years old, and a Common series for everyone else. The both series have a common theme: “100 at Sight - Fine Crazy Finland?” The theme calls participants to describe the beauty and craziness of today´s Finland. The both series can be participated with a poem and/or poetry video. 

For the poem competition, Finnish language is the only language that we can receive. The poetry video competition instead, is open and available with any language. The organizer expects however that the poetry video text or other texts are translated either into English or Finnish for the evaluation panel.

The competition period is 1.11.2016 - 31.3.2017 that has been extended by three weeks. Now, the new date for the competition to finish is 23.4.2017.

The best poems and poetry videos are introduced at Poetry Marathon 2017 Festival 17. - 18.6.2017, taking place in Lahti.   

The competition rules and instructions are available at


You can participate in the competition here.


Runomaraton 2017 –event 


International Runomaraton 2017 -event is being arranged in Lahti 17.-18.6.2017. The best poems and poetry videos of the poetry competition are introduced at the event and much more other interesting poetry associated things. At the program schedule we will have multiartistic performances, an exhibition of visual arts and a concert.    


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