The Lahti Poetry Marathon is a non-profit association founded in Lahti in 1982. Its main goal is to further the art of poetry in Finland. Over the past 30 years it has organised numerous nationwide poetry competitions and events as well as published a variety of poetry anthologies and e-books.

Poetry Competitions and Books

The Lahti Poetry Marathon has organised a total of 18 national poetry competitions. The best poems of each competition were compiled into an anthology published by the association. The first anthology came out in 1984. Finnish companies such as Fazer, The Rural Future news organisation and The Central Union of Agricultural Producers have sponsored the poetry competitions.

In 2013, the association took visual poetry as part of it´s competitive actions, where especially poetry videos have played a central role. Visual poetry in various forms has also become a part of our events´ program. In particular, poetry videos, visual arts, music and dance are the main ways how visuality comes out. With the help of visual poetry the association strives to reach out more widely new user groups, especially young people interested in different forms of poetry, as well as other Finnish related populations and immigrants.


The Future of the Lahti Poetry Marathon

The goal of the association is to continue being a spokesperson for poetry and to bring poetry to the modern age. Future poetry books and anthologies will be available as electronic books and some of the poetry competitions and events will be available on live stream through the internet. Keeping the tradition of poetry alive and passing it to future generations is paramount to us. By making poetry more accessible we hope to inspire as many people as possible to read and write poetry. One of our future goals is to strengthen our collaboration with schools and institutions. 


Kulttuurikartta - Culturemap

Kulttuurikartta - Culturemap is the association's latest project. The goal is to build a stable map based website which will contain all kinds of culture events and culture hotspots, written by us and other cultural associations.

It will be a good way for small associations and hobbyists to advertise their event or craft and look for similar minded people to form a network to further their goals.